No one is more aware of the scarcity of resources than the entrepreneur. It includes both human and financial resources. And perhaps most importantly, it manifests itself in the shortage of time: our most precious resource. We all deal with it in professional and personal lives, and many of us find there are wrenches in our proverbial engines that are further squeezing those resources. Those “wrenches” take all kinds of forms: the recurring (and controllable) distractions, the toxic employee, bad personal habits, low energy, etc. They suck resources and hold us back from being most efficient.


Now take inventory of your resources relative to something with which we can all relate: the human body. Consider that the beauty of the human body is that it does not possess a single muscle which doesn’t serve some kind of purpose; that there’s not a line wasted; and that every detail of it fits one idea.


What exits in your life and business that is starving you and your organization of the efficiency and resources needed most?