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Recent Posts

Look The Part - Dressing For Success

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There are few things that scream out “amateur hour” more than showing up for a meeting or event dressed the wrong way. To many people, it says “you’re not important enough to deserve my looking the part.” To others it says, “I haven’t taken the time to understand the cultureread more

Get To The Point

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Let us state at the outset: engineers are among the couple of groups in human history which have unequivocally changed the lives of society for the better. Can you imagine how different our world would be without them? It’s a scary thought. BUT, have you noticed when those same brilliant engineersread more

Concentration and Diversification

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Finance and entrepreneurship frequently go hand in hand. A business owner either learns how to manage and monitor the financial health and key metrics of her business, or the business goes away. Frequently the entrepreneur is CEO and CFO of the enterprise (among the many hats worn). Understanding revenue, costread more

Unfinished Thoughts

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One of the single best things of the internet age is the ability to experiment and get fast, valuable and virtually real-time feedback.   It allows the entrepreneur to figure out a market opportunity (or lack thereof) in far shorter times and financial investment levels than at any other time inread more

Building An Online Business

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If you’ve just started your business, or are new to the entrepreneurial world, then building your online presence can be really overwhelming and can leave your head spinning. But…you have got to do it. Here’s a photo of a cute cat to ease you into it.   Okay, that helps. Now, building yourread more

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