The Crossword Puzzle

CrosswordOne member of our team loves attempting to solve crossword puzzles, particularly during travel as a way to “work” on something other than work. Unfortunately those crossword puzzles don’t always love him back. Seemingly every time a puzzle is attempted, it ends unsatisfyingly unfinished in one way or another. So at the end of a long flight as the plane is landing, he turns to the answers at the back of the magazine and shakes his head at either: 1) all of the simple, obvious answers he missed; or 2) the several bewildering answers he’s never heard of!


So imagine his surprise recently when he found himself on his “A-Game” – uncharacteristically blowing past the customary 65-75% correct answers, and getting close to (gulp) successfully close to finishing the puzzle. Of the dozens of answers, he was down to 5 final blanks. And that is where the “writer’s block” kicked in. A minute or two passed, and then more. Then many more – all without a shred of progress. The plane was soon to land, and the clock ticked along in his head. Thoughts of short-cutting to the right answer, or even giving up, arose. Just then one of the correct responses popped into his head, which literally unlocked the rest of answers in a matter of three minutes.


And so it goes in life as well. It’s all too easy to give up completely; or to seek a short-cut without having the wisdom and patience and tenacity to do it the right way. This does not mean doing everything alone – seeking the mentorship and inspiration of people and companies which have blazed successful trails of their own is part of figuring out the “right way.” The big goals and dreams each of us have are attainable – period. The results of the journey promise to be worth it, if we see it through.