Worry About Yourself


While we recognize that the motivations of entrepreneurs and small business owners are many, it is critical that the main thing remain the main thing. And the main thing, ladies and gentlemen, is you. A few years ago, the world recently lost one of the century’s great teachers and mentors, John Wooden, the Basketball Coach of the UCLA Basketball Dynasty of the 1960’s and 1970’s. He led the Bruins to 10 National Championships, coached numerous future NBA stars, and at one point had an 88-game winning streak. The world will never see another coach that is even a close second.

Wooden’s accomplishments as a coach are unparalleled. The effect and influence he had on people, both young and old, should be even more celebrated. Over many years he wrote books, and developed the Pyramid of Success. His young Bruins went on to become leaders in the world in many functions and industries. He stressed accountability, and taught young men to refrain from profanity, show up on time, and never criticize teammates.

One of the more interesting points of note about John Wooden is that for all of his success as a basketball coach, he never scouted other teams, and generally did not call timeouts during games. His philosophy was that his teams would be successful if they prepared well, focused on what they needed to do as individuals and as a team, and executed to the best of their abilities. In essence, they did not worry about the other team, and instead focused on themselves and maximizing their own chances of success.

At Resourcestable, we believe that a healthy analysis and knowledge of the competition is important from a product and service development standpoint. The capitalist system relies on competition, and the ability of market players to be resourceful and adaptive. However, business leaders should not obsess so much about competitors and what they are doing, that they neglect to channel that energy on a daily basis into focusing on how to inspire and grow their companies to be better than ever. So do not sit around and fret about what your competitors or detractors think. That will just waste precious time and hold you back. Rather, remind yourself of your core values and your organization’s reason for being. Decide today to be proactive rather than reactive.