Get To The Point

get to the pointLet us state at the outset: engineers are among the couple of groups in human history which have unequivocally changed the lives of society for the better. Can you imagine how different our world would be without them? It’s a scary thought.

BUT, have you noticed when those same brilliant engineers seem to have become too involved in the packaging and marketing of a product or service? How many times do you see marketing materials that tell you all the sordid detail of how a product works, and almost nothing (sometimes nothing, nothing) about what it means or does to/for you, the consumer? It’s both mind-numbing, and kills innocent animals (ok, so we’re exaggerating the last part).

We live in a world full of people with needs, and incredibly short attention spans. And they want to know how you will solve that need. And they will reward you for it. So get to the point, and do it quickly. Go. Now!