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    We are delighted you can join us on this chess adventure. Understanding Chess and AI has been a great source of interest and inspiration for us for a long time. We worked to combine these two worlds for several years and are excited with the results which we call DecodeChess: a tool that promotes chess understanding for the community of chess players. The Queen’s Gambit has seen international success as a Netflix TV show, now being broadcasted in over 25 countries. Here, I demonstrate that the show’s release has been followed by a surge in online chess popularity, which consists of both newcomers beginning their chess journey, as well as existing players being inspired to return to online chess or play more frequently. opera browser for windows 8 Description: Live out your shopaholic dreams in the snowy streets of Paris! Description: Time to color by squares! To determine the color of each space, copy the grid on the side of the page. The final picture will be revealed as each square is filled. This is a classroom game, but can easily be played at home with a group. Number the corner areas of a room 1-4. To match the season, give the corners a Christmas name. Example: Santa, reindeer, presents, sleigh. One person is the caller and is blindfolded (or eyes closed) so they can’t see. The group is given a time to go to any corner of their choice. The caller calls one number or one of the four Christmas names. Anyone in that corner is “out”. The group moves again and the caller calls another number or Christmas name. Play continues until there is one left. (When it is down to just 4 or less people, they need to choose different corners; not together.) Last one left is the winner!

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