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7 Habits of Great Small Business Owner

When looking at the players in any industry, there are usually a handful of businesses that
stand out ahead of the pack. So what exactly goes into making some more successful than
others? More often than not, it comes down to the kind of leadership they have steering their
efforts. Being a strong small business owner is an elusive enterprise,  there is no one secret
recipe to achieve. If there was a sure-fire way to be a dynamite small business leader, it would
undoubtedly include the following 7 components:
 1.    They take care of themselves

Smart small business owners recognize that having a sharp mind requires having a healthy body. Attention is paid to eating healthy and making time for physical exercise. What lesser business owners might see as overly indulgent behavior is seen by truly astute managers as necessary maintenance of their most crucial tool: their brain.

2.    They have lives outside their business

Spending too much time focused on any single interest will almost always lead to hitting mental walls. Leading a balanced life – taking time for interests outside of work – means exposing yourself to a diverse range of mental stimuli (you never know what might trigger a great idea), and giving your work brain the rest it needs to be focused.

3.    They look forward

Being a great small business owner means being a great leader. Being a great leader is all about being bold and forward thinking enough to go beyond simply following proven business and market trends. The best small business managers are pioneers, even in small ways, and always keep their eyes open for new ways to accomplish things. This means taking chances, but if anything is a critical part of running a small business successfully, it’s a willingness to do just that.

4.    They are organized

Sometimes having a head full of innovative business ideas can lead to being a bit scattered. The difference between a smart person who remains an ineffectual business owner and someone who takes command of their industry falls on having an ability to not just have good ideas, but to be organized enough to follow through with them. Keeping your meetings, deadlines, and business plan on a highly organized schedule, and sticking to it, will be what sets you apart from other small businesses that fumble in disorganization.

5.    They nurture relationships

When you’re overseeing the management of a company, it can be easy enough to get caught up in the day-to-day work and forget to look up from your desk. The importance of taking time to stay in touch and have thoughtful, generous interactions with clients and professional associates cannot be undervalued.

6.    They make decisions

Small business owners have to be decisive. It’s simply not optional. From daily operations to broad directional choices, your job is to lead your company, which means waffling with indecision just will not work. The ability to make decisions is directly related to your sense of confidence, so if you find yourself not knowing which choice to make, remind yourself that you are an expert at what you’re doing and trust your gut. If the particular decision on the table involves a part of your business that you aren’t a total expert about, deciding to consult someone more informed is still a valid decision.

7.    They cut the fat

Proactive small business owners are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating which parts of their company can be more streamlined, including which vendors and suppliers could possibly be swapped out for better sources and how work is divided. Knowing how your company’s time, man power, and financial resources are distributed – and paying steady attention to keeping that distribution as efficient as possible – is how small business owners keep their company thriving ahead of the competition.

So now look at this list of 7…I can’t help but see them as just one thing. If I choose 1 of these items and really focus on doing it well, everything else falls into place. Taking care of myself leads to having a life outside of my business. I look forward to doing it better everyday, keeping my work and thoughts organized, ready and energized for the next day. The relationships I have within my organization are healthy and the decisions I make are easy because the people I surround myself with trust that I am an expert at what I do. I am streamlined and efficient because everyday my head is in the game and I feel really strong about my business.


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    В© 2022 Casino-Bonus.Club The value of a free spin varies from one game to the next. If you play through all 35 free spins and win nothing, you are now free to claim any bonus that requires a deposit. If you have winnings, then the rollover requirement on those winnings is 5x. Note also that this bonus is non-cashable. Let’s say that you choose a slot machine where free spins are valued at $1. You play through the spins and hit a $200 jackpot. You’d have to play through $200 x 5 = $1,000 before making a withdrawal. If you did that and managed to have $50 left, you could withdraw $15 since the casino would deduct 35 x $1 = $35. Royal aces casino no deposit bonus codes Royal Ace Casino New No Deposit Bonus Codes Today However, it is not merely glitz and glam when it approaches high rollers plagued with severe debt. Here since it is the responsibility of the casino to extend credit to gamblers, which entails that if they lose, it falls under the ambit of casinos to collect and not any other organisation. This means that casinos ought to be more cautious here. Find out when and where apps have been featured in the different app stores for any day, country, device and section. Find out what users think of Blackjack Boost win real money by reading the reviews and checking the rating. From the welcome bonus (€100 and 200 free spins) to the games’ limits, Mr Green is a great online blackjack Casino site to pick if you want to play online on a budget. Check out this page to know more about their offer and the blackjack bonus available to play games like American blackjack or try one of the many side bets included in the other games. Of course! Once you know how to play and are happy with the way your strategy is played out, you can move on to playing real money blackjack. Just remember to keep an eye on your bankroll, and to never chase your losses!

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    By its very nature, Bitcoin is one of the safest payment methods around. There is no connection to personal names, banks, bank accounts or other private information that could lead back to your identity or allow someone to exploit the data for their own purposes. Bitcoin transactions are digital and highly encrypted. During the process of moving Bitcoin around a number of verifications are carried out to ensure that it is all running smoothly. All this means that Bitcoin casino transactions are virtually untraceable and completely secure, making them one of the best ways to pay for real money gaming accounts or to withdraw funds, no matter if you are playing on the web or via a mobile device. With our list of the best crypto casinos for USA gamblers, you will find your new favorite bitcoin gambling website in a blink. No need to spend hours googling and waste money playing BTC games on a platform you do not like; you can just learn the most important things about top US bitcoin casinos in our brief profiles. Have you ever wanted to be rewarded with free spins by basically doing nothing? Well, you’re truly in luck. The new Betfair bonus allows you to earn 50 free spins by making a small deposit of €5 – no strings attached. You’ll get your 50 free spins to be enjoyed in the best Betfair slots by simply committing a small sum of cash to the casino. Every online casino tries hard to create an image of being secure and fair. Some think it`s enough to create a faГ§ade of a protective casino. Some take this issue seriously and go to great length to make sure that they have the highest level of security that is possible. Betfair Casino falls in the latter category. The team cares about the player’s safety, and its security, of course. One of their priorities is the protection of the player’s data. Betfair Casino safeguards the players with the 128-bit SSL encryption. The Betfair Casino team also makes sure to use the most modern technologies that help to secure the players’ personal information.

  16. Apoff is the world’s leading independent online gaming authority, providing trusted online casino news, guides, reviews and information since 1995. Talking about ambience, live casino is fast becoming a big thing, again as technology improves and internet speeds allow faster, better connections, live casino is beginning to emulate a real life casino experience (okay minus the buzz of sitting at a table next to strangers and getting free drinks brought to you). Nonetheless, from where we were 10 or even 5 years ago, the live casino experience is 100x better now. If you also like to place sports bets, these will most likely be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you only play online casino games and don’t place other kinds of bets, you might want to look for websites which specialize in casino games. This is why you’ll find information about sportsbetting being the site’s primary focus in some of our casino reviews. With each spin of the wheel you will need to choose a letter for a set value; if you choose the right letter you will win those points. The winner will be the player who solves the panel before their competitor. If you manage to win the game, you will collect all the coins that are in play. Free roulette games offer exactly the same fun, fast-paced gameplay as their real money counterparts. The difference is really in the prizes on offer. Free roulette is played just for the fun of it, whereas in real money roulette there’s the additional thrill of potentially huge sums of money up for grabs. Single Zero wheels have 2.70% house edge while Double Zero wheels have 5.26%. However, French roulette – which features a Single Zero wheel – has a house edge of 1.35%. Still, European Roulette is the most popular variant both online and in land-based facilities—for both low-stakes players and high-rollers.If a variant is truly exceptional (better house edge, uniquely impressive gameplay, or anything else), the section above titled Best Online Casinos to Play Roulette must have detailed it according to the casinos offering it.

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    Koska Kalevala Kasino on yksi suosituimmista ja legendaarisista Suomi-kasinoista. Tähän vaikuttaa todella paljon myös sen hauska ulkoasu, todella kätevät maksut ja laaja pelivalikoima. Peleistä löytyy kaikki tarvittava: kolikko- ja pöytäpelit, live kasino ja luonnollisesti jackpot-pelit. Mitäpä sitä muuta suomalainen pelaaja kaipaa? Kalevala on Suomen kansalliseepos, Elias Lönnrotin kokoama ja toimittama runoelma, joka perustuu hänen vuodesta 1828 alkaen kokoamiinsa suomalais-karjalaisiin kansanrunoihin. Varsinaisen Kalevalan ensimmäinen painos eli Vanha Kalevala ilmestyi vuonna 1835, ja nykyisin pelkkänä Kalevalana tunnettu Uusi Kalevala vuonna 1849. Suomalaisuutta korostava ulkoasu on pirteä ja kasinon pelivalikoimaa on parannettu ajan myötä kiitettävästi. Bonuksiakin kasinolla riittää ja näiden puitteissa annetaan pelaajille jopa omat haasteensa. Turvallisuus on taattu jo maltalaisen pelilisenssin ansiosta. Itse pidän Kalevala Kasinosta pelipaikkana. on vuoden 2018 aikana perustettu kasino, joka tarjoaa nopeata toimintaa ilman rekisteröitymistä. Käytät pankkitunnuksiasi ja teet kasinolle suoran talletuksen Trustlyn välityksellä aloittaaksesi pelaamisen. Casino ei ehkä ole maailman suurin nettikasino, sillä pelivalikoima koostuu vain liki tuhannesta pelistä. Vaikka pelivalikoima onkin pienehkö, pelivariaatiota riittää sillä löydät muun muassa Netentin, Play N Gon, Thunderkickin sekä usean muun pelivalmistajan pelit valikoimasta. casino omaa todella asiantuntevan asiakaspalvelun. Pelaamiseen ja rahansiirtoihin liittyvät kysymykset kannattaa hoitaa live chatin kautta. Jos asia taas vaatii enemmän käsittelyä, on parempi kääntyä sähköpostiasiakaspalvelun puoleen. Quickspin, Microgaming, Elk, Quickfire, Pragmatic sekä esimerkiksi Betsoft vastaa kasinon pelien valikoimasta. Se tarkoittaa sitä, että pelejä on paljon, ne on laadukkaita ja ne toimii takuulla kuten niiden tuleekin toimia.

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    Numele acestei variante de bingo este dat tocmai de faptul că se folosesc 90 de bile. Este printre cele mai comune și populare versiuni ale jocului, prezentă la majoritatea operatorilor online. Jucătorii au misunea de a marca o linie, două linii, respectiv întreg biletul de joc pentru a câștiga premiile puse în joc. Este vorba de un joc ce se bazează exclusiv pe noroc, așadar jucătorii cu experiență nu au nici un avantaj în fata noilor jucători. Unele variante de 90 Ball Bingo au și jackpoturi progresive care oferă șansa de a câștiga premii record. La ele contribuie mai mulți operatori de bingo online ce utilizează același software. Orice joc bingo cu potențial de câștig va începe cu alegerea unui cazinou de top. Trebuie să te înregistrezi pe site pentru a fi posibil să joci pe un site care îți oferă și acest tip de jocuri. Selectarea platformei de bingo online trebuie să ia în calcul câteva criterii, printre care se numără cele legate de experiența oferită jucătorului, de securitate, corectitudine și, desigur, de jocurile de bingo. Haide să detaliăm puțin, astfel încât să poți opta pentru un cazinou care să-ți ofere cea mai bună ofertă de variante bingo: Un bonus Novomatic nu înseamnă neapărat că este un bonsu oferit de compania de software. Bonusurile și ofertele de înscriere sau generale sunt oferite de operatorii de cazinouri, astfel, dacă vă deschideți un cont de jucător, veți primi bonusul de înscriere. Asigurați-vă că jocurile Novomatic sunt incluse la cerințele de pariere. Dacă poți face din casino bonus de bun venit și o formulă de a câștiga niște bani de buzunar sau bonusuri cazino pentru vacanță, atunci este cu atât mai bine. Fii atent la ofertele cu bonusuri casino acordate la sloturile care plătesc cel mai bine, dar și la parametrii specifici fiecărui joc în parte, asta pentru a profita în mod real de avantajele unui bonus de bun venit oferit de un cazinou online. Nu-ți permiți să rămâi deoparte de nicio ofertă bonus casino online, fie ea bonus cu depunere sau fără.

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    Royal Ace casino at a glance. Best of Royal Ace casino bonus codes and promotions. Top-rated USA and Canadian casino. Royal Ace Casino has a customer support team available at all times and every day of the week. Whether you wish to get in touch with a representative directly by a live chat, want to discuss more in details by email or give them a call, all of the methods are available. US and Canadian players have a toll-free number and international players will have a separate phone number they can use. Different departments at Royal Ace Casino have separate email addresses so you can direct your questions from the very beginning. Remember to check the frequently asked questions as well as they might have an answer for you already there. Established in 2009, Royal Ace Casino has been entertaining casino players from around the world for years. What we like most about this particular online casino is that they accept players from the United States, which means that virtually everybody can take advantage of the casino promotions that we mentioned above. Online Gaming Enquiries Other useful functionalities mobile and desktop roulette variations share are the round history with results on previous bets, the Re-bet function, and the Autoplay feature, which is activated by holding the Spin button for a bit longer. Many mobile-compatible roulette games also feature the racetrack and allow for more exotic bets like Orphelins, Tiers du Cylindre, and Voisins du Zero. The odds and payouts for lightning roulette are the same as with European Roulette. The exception is 29:1 odds for straight numbers. The game has an overall RTP of 97.30%. Players may require additional third-party services to access (e.g., internet service provider agreement; mobile carrier agreement; email account; text messaging service (SMS)). The Player is solely accountable for any agreements and charges related to these third-party services. A Player should familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions that govern any such services prior to using them to access

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    Before anything else, creating your account here opens you up for an opportunity for getting 100 chances to play slots on the fantastic NetEnt wheel. Better yet, Frank and Fred’s gaming platform offers a new player bonus of 100% match plus 100 more bonus reel spinning rounds. They are offered at a pace of 10 daily for 10 days. This is for the first deposit bonus. The casino also offers a different Frank and Fred 100 free spins bonus offer which doesn’t require any deposits. Both offers have a 35x wagering requirement. $45 + 10 FS No Deposit for Grand Fortune Casino Bonus Code: YFD4TD $45 + 10 FS No Deposit Bonus for All players Wager: 30xB Max Cash Out: … Read more Talking about bonuses, guys from Grand Fortune Casino and other brands send us new no deposit bonuses regularly. Just these offers are often time limited, so we share it only by email.If you don’t want to miss such bonuses, use this form: New Casino customers only. Use bet365 bonus code NEWBONUS on sign-up form. Deposit min. $10. Applies to first deposit to Casino only. Max. bonus $100. 20x wagering (game weighting applies) on deposit and bonus to make the bonus balance withdrawable. Time limits and T&Cs apply. The bonus code NEWBONUS can be used during registration, but does not change the offer amount in any way. Norway doesn’t have any land-based casinos. However, all of the bigger Norwegian cruise ships have casinos. This is a list of the top 5 biggest and best rated currently operating cruise ship casinos in the country, with address, opening hours, number and types of games, dress code, entrance fee, reviews and a video of each gambling establishment if one is available. Alle trygge casinoer på nett driftes fra utlandet selv om de defineres som et norsk casino. Derfor kan du spille på beste nettcasino uten problemer.

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    One casino’s repertoire of games will leave no stones unturned. The operator offers a unique blend of familiar casino games to go along with their in-house creations. This means that you get to explore games that are exclusive to One Casino — you won’t be able to find them elsewhere. The subcommittee in the House recommended that the casino bill be amended. One Casino impresses first and foremost with its extensive bonus offer. For new customers there is the so-called sign-up bonus. This can be used without first deposit directly after registration. One Casino is one of the few providers that offer a no deposit bonus. While this casino set a new bar in my mind for overall quality, I can’t give it a higher rating because I couldn’t deposit with either crypto or interac (while interac is supported, my bank was not on the list). The customer support has been awesome, the layout and design is great on both mobile and desktop and nobody else gives players weekly free money to play ANY GAME… that’s unheard of! Really, soooo close to being The One….almost there guys. Programul de loialitate se poate califica pentru freerolluri CГўt despre cele mai populare jocuri de pariat pentru Android casino, acestea coincid cu cele mai populare din orice cazino online obiИ™nuit, И™i sunt create de cДѓtre cei mai mari producДѓtori de software pentru cazinouri. AИ™adar, dacДѓ te afli Г®ntr-un cazino pe Android И™i cauИ›i ceva nou de jucat, aruncДѓ o privire la produsele realizate de Microgaming, IGT, Playtech, etc. Aceste companii nu te vor dezamДѓgi niciodatДѓ И™i Г®И›i vor oferi cea mai bunДѓ experienИ›Дѓ pentru un cazino pe Android pe care И›i-o poИ›i imagina. Poker Polska – Artrix Poker (e) un drept la opoziЕЈie faЕЈДѓ de deciziile luate prin mijloace automate Еџi (e) un drept la opoziЕЈie faЕЈДѓ de deciziile luate prin mijloace automate Еџi Poker Polska – Artrix Poker

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    Online slots usually contain up to five reels. The player pushes a button once they have chosen their bet level. The reels spin randomly, and if the player lands on the right combination of symbols across a winline, it will result in a payout. Extra features such as Free Spins, Bonuses and Wilds are usually included to increase your chances of winning too! Some of our most popular slot games include: A player must always assume that the dealer’s second card could be 10. Keeping that in mind, they can look at the dealer’s ‘up’ card and place his hand into one of 2 categories : 1 Hands that are most likely to bust the Dealer. 2 Hands that are most likely to give the Dealer a good outcome. Blackjack is a game with a low house edge; that is why casinos hesitate when it comes to offering bonuses to play blackjack. There are quite a few that do give blackjack bonuses, but the amount and percentage on offer is always lesser than, say, a bonus for playing slots. And even with the bonus in place there are steep wagering requirements to be fulfilled to be able to redeem the winnings. That is not all; the contributions towards fulfilment of wagering requirements is also way lesser for blackjack than they are for slots. If you want to play casino games with Bitcoin, you’ll be happy to learn that you can claim a 200% deposit match up to the value of $2,000. You’ll need to use the Ignition Casino bonus code IGBITCOIN200 to do so. Unfortunately, from 2016 to 2017, Bitcoin became increasingly unreliable and expensive. This was because the community could not reach consensus on increasing the network capacity. Some of the developers did not understand and agree with Satoshi’s plan. Instead, they preferred Bitcoin become a settlement layer. Disclaimer: All images are copyright of their respective owners and are used by USA Online Casino for informational purposes only. As an online bitcoin casino, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best promotions and tournaments for our players to engage with on a daily, weekly and sometimes even a monthly basis. While you can take your pick from a variety of promotions available on our casino, our VIPs also enjoy specially curated promotions just for them to participate in.

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    However, he’s not an active player anymore, he became a businessman, running several successful companies with the likes of his online coaching site and his own online poker room. Hey Zynga Poker fans, … We recently optimized our chat feature in the new Zynga Poker to make quick chat visible at all times while messaging your friends. Quick chat lets you access commonly used phrases like “Nice Hand” and “Awesome,” and now you won’t have to click through multiple menus to see these options. Vanessa Selbst is out as a poker pro. Buy in directly or qualify via satellites running throughout the week to make a name for yourself and claim a virtual fortune! See finished matches Of course. That’s the whole appeal of online poker. Poker is a skill game (with a degree of luck added into the mix) where the best players tend to rise to the top. Some of the best players in the world make a very healthy living playing online poker. Mobile Casinos iPhone Casinos Android Casinos Mac Casinos Casino Apps Add to your favorites for the best USA BTC casino sites! Updated on March 16, 2021. Bitcasino also provides free gambling addiction resources and other informational content to ensure online gambling takes place safely on the platform. Bitcasino caters to the serious gambler, someone who wants an online crypto casino that avoids all the fluff and fuss and takes players straight into the games. KatsuBet Casino No Deposit Bonus 30 Free Spins! Mansion Casino: Mansion is one of the longest-running casinos and does allow players to wager with Bitcoin, which is the only cryptocurrency supported on the platform. Mansion Casino is a casino game-only website and the minimum and maximum BTC deposits are the current equivalents to $15 and $500, respectively.

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    Ahti Games Casinon kattavasta pelivalikoimasta pääsee nauttimaan myös iPhonella, iPadilla, Android-älypuhelimella tai -tabletilla Ahti Gamesin mobiilikasinolla. Suosikkipelien pelaaminen onnistuu helposti HTML5-teknologiaa käyttävien pelien ansiosta ilman erillisen sovelluksen lataamista. Mikäli kuitenkin haluat saada parhaimman ja helpoimman mahdollisen pelielämyksen mobiilissa, voit halutessasi ladata iOS-älypuhelimeesi tai -tablettiisi oman Ahti Games mobiilisovelluksen. Talletusbonuksen lunastamiseksi et tarvitse bonuskoodia, mutta kannattaa tarkistaa bonuskoodit aina kampanjakohtaisesti. Mikä on Ahti Games kierrätysvaatimus? AHTI Gamesin pelivalikoima on monipuolinen ja kattava. Tämän lisäksi kotiutukset ovat suomalaiseen tapaan erittäin luotettavia ja ne tulevat tilille taatusti aina ajallaan. Suuren plussan Ahti saa siitä, että hän on napannut itselleen Maltan pelilisenssin, joka takaa paitsi luotettavuuden, myös verovapaat voitot suomalaisille pelaajille. En ole varmasti ainoa, joka on kohtapuoleen jättämässä kaupungin pölyt taakseen. Senpä vuoksi tässä ovat Nettipokeri.infon top-3 mökkipokerivinkit. Pokeri on lystiä mökilläkin, kunhan muistaa ottaa muutaman käytännön seikan huomioon. Lue lisää tuotetta Olet ostamassa digitaalista tuotetta. Huomaa, että digitaalisilla tuotteilla ei ole palautusoikeutta. Vertaile tuotteita 12v tyttäreni valmistaa hattaraa ensimmäistä kertaa: Runsas valikoima Lautapelit -tuotteita edulliseen hintaan Tokmannin verkkokaupasta. Tutustu valikoimaan ja löydä suosikkisi! En ole varmasti ainoa, joka on kohtapuoleen jättämässä kaupungin pölyt taakseen. Senpä vuoksi tässä ovat Nettipokeri.infon top-3 mökkipokerivinkit. Pokeri on lystiä mökilläkin, kunhan muistaa ottaa muutaman käytännön seikan huomioon.

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    Существует множество мнений о том, что на финансовых рынках люди теряют деньги, курсы трейдеров созданы только для избранных людей, связанных с финансами, а уроки Форекс и сама биржа — это машина обмана и т. д. Одни так говорят, потому что поверили красочным рекламам о легком заработке, не тратя времени на обучение и не обратившись за помощью к специалистам. Они ошибочно решили самостоятельно пройти обучение трейдингу с нуля и во всем разобраться, посмотрев ролики на Ютубе и ознакомившись со статьями в Интернете. Другие так говорят, потому что прониклись лозунгами мошеннических компаний, не изучив их истории и опыта работы, таких как MMCIS, которые игнорировали уроки Forex и работали по принципу пирамиды и призывали клиентов ничего не делать и получать прибыль.

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    Единственный вопрос, который остается у прошедших обучение, это: «Почему я не научился этому раньше?»

    Центр Биржевых Технологий отзывы
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    Во-первых, о достижениях каждой компании, предлагающей обучение Форекс, свидетельствуют именно комментарии пользователей Сети. Всю правду о работе команды проекта из уст реальных клиентов и сотрудников можно посмотреть в одной из рубрик сайта Центр Биржевых Технологий — Отзывы. Украина выходит на кардинально новый уровень в плане финансовой грамотности населения, информационно-консультационные центры распространяются и становятся конкурентоспособней. С каждым днем становятся все более востребованными такие профессии, как финансовый аналитик. Обучение трейдингу и инвестингу также является одними из передовых направлений.

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Крім того, повідомила правоохоронні органи та Службу України з питань безпечності харчових продуктів та захисту споживачів. Центр Біржових Технологій Під час здійснення регулярного нагляду за галузевою рекламною активністю аналітики Комісії виявили сторінку “компанії” «Центр Біржових Технологій», на якій громадянам пропонують послуги портфельного інвестування, а саме інвестування у портфель «Клервант», який сформований з акцій найбільших світових компаній і недооцінених активів. Далі наводимо цитати з відповідної сторінки компанії «Центр Біржових Технологій», які можуть мати ознаки реклами та надання послуг на фондовому ринку, які здійснюються без відповідного дозволу Комісії: «Повний пакет послуг, що надається Центром Біржових Технологій — надійний фундамент, на якому будується і буде розвиватися ваш бізнес: навчання, програмне забезпечення, торгова система, аналітична і технічна підтримка на всіх етапах, від відкриття рахунку до рішення призупинити або закрити торгівлю»; «Клеревант» сформований фахівцями компанії ЦБТ — визнаними лідерами по портфельному інвестуванню в Україні. Важливо знати: на момент роботи портфеля ваші гроші знаходяться на рахунку європейського банку. Вони застраховані фондом гарантованого страхування і інвесторським компенсаційним фондом Європи»; «Унікальність «Клеревант» полягає в надійності і інноваціях. Даний інвестиційний портфель поєднав в собі високу прибутковість акцій найбільших світових компаній і недооцінені активи. Можливість заробити від $ 5 000 до $ 50 000 за декілька місяців. Вигода: максимальний дохід завдяки унікальній стратегії оцінки акцій та інших активів»; «Центр Біржових Технологій — безумовний лідер за кількістю ВІП-клієнтів серед всіх українських компаній, які працюють на фінансових ринках». Також аналітики Комісії виявили багато зовнішньої реклами проекту в м. Києві, роликів на радіо, банерів та реклами на багатьох інформаційних ресурсах у мережі інтернет. Як сказано на сайті проекту, “Центр Біржових Технологій” має розгалуджену мережу філій та представництв у багатьох містах України”. З відкритих джерел Комісія також встановила, що послуги для забезпечення діяльності надаються компанією «OVH Hosting Oy», яка зареєстрована в Фінляндії, та використовує віртуальні приватні хмарні сервери (VPS), які забезпечують анонімність власників доменів. На офіційний запит Комісії про надання інформації від ЦБТ відповідь так і не надійшла. ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTD Сайт проекту «ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTD» пропонує громадянам послуги портфельного інвестування та п’ять різних варіантів інвестиційних пакетів за ціною від $ 500 до $ 50 000, які “сформовані з дорогоцінних металів, нафти, цінних паперів, криптовалют та стартапів”. Також на сторінці компанії зазначені такі послуги, як управління інвестиційними портфелями, інвестування у різні види накопичувальних фондів та у біржові індексні облігації, надання інформаційно-аналітичних та брокерських послуг. Далі наводимо цитати з відповідної сторінки компанії «ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTD», які можуть мати ознаки реклами та надання послуг на фондовому ринку, які здійснюються без відповідного дозволу Комісії: «Професіонали нашої компанії також можуть створити індивідуальний інвестиційний портфель, з урахуванням Ваших побажань. Він буде доповнений фінансовими інструментами, які допоможуть швидше досягти поставлених цілей. Щоб гроші почали працювати на Вас, покладайтеся на професіоналів!»; «ІП надає стабільний щомісячний пасивний дохід. Придбати портфель дуже просто: вибираєте пакет, тиснете «інвестувати, заповнюєте просту форму зворотного зв’язку. Все, дуже просто, далі з Вами зв’яжеться наш фахівець. Він надасть повну консультацію і обговорить всі деталі обраного портфеля»; «Інвестиційний портфель це – різні активи, об’єднані для досягнення певних фінансових цілей. ІП може складатися з золота, нерухомості, цінних паперів, опціонів. Israel Investments пропонує готові інвестиційні пакети, які будуть приносити прибуток незалежно від політичної чи ринкової ситуації. Портфелі доступні для громадян будь-яких країн». Рекламу «ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTD» аналітики виявили на багатьох популярних інформаційних ресурсах у мережі інтернет, у соціальних мережах. Відповідно до інформації з сайту, «ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTD» має представництва в Ізраїлі, Англії, Італії, Швейцарії, та Україні. 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